White Beach, Diniwid Beach, “Asya”

White Beach, Diniwid Beach

White Beach

White Beach visible from RoRo ship
You can enjoy watching White Beach when you come back to Metro Manila from Boracay by RoRo vessel.

White Beach is the center of the island for tourists and the first place to go. It is 4 km long and we relate to parts of it as Station 1, Station 2, and Station 3.

It’s really great to sit there with the view of this small island and the big island of Panay – our mainland.

Of course, a must is to go to clear turquoise water for swimming. The water is shallow at White Beach.

There are a few places on this beach we could have a shadow for staying.

White Beach is the place to go during sunset and after dusk. You can find a place there for a show or just to listen to music.

Diniwid Beach

Diniwid Beach and the northern part of White Beach visible from RoRo
Diniwid Beach and White Beach observed from RoRo

Having accommodation at Station 1, Diniwid Beach was the place to go for us, if we wanted to be close to our place of stay.

But what is valuable here is an atmosphere of Diniwid and a way of going there.

I always prefer interesting coasts like cliffs of Diniwid area to flat, large beaches.

The place is more peaceful than White Beach so after arriving in Boracay I could take a nap there on the beach.

Another advantage of this place was the possibility to snorkel to observe fish, but for good snorkeling, you need to get farther from Station 1.

It’s romantic to come back home during sunset from Diniwid Beach. The footpath connecting this beach with White Beach and all way to walk to Station 1 is a really unforgettable experience.

Spider House Resort (now permanently closed) is the closing object of the beach and our possible exploration of the western coast of Boracay (you cannot go farther; as far as we know all that area is private).

It’s worth mention that to Diniwid Beach you can get not only from White Beach but from the main road of Boracay using Diniwid Road. ( The latter possibility of getting there we use coming back from Mount Luho. )

Asya Premier Hotel Area

Asya Hotel beach area visible from RoRo vessel
The coastal area at Asya Premier Suites seen from a RoRo ship

If you like to walk more, you can go along White Beach from Station 1 toward the south to Station 3 until you will see distinctive rocks on the way.

Here is located the last hotel at the beach – Asya Premier Suites.

A good place to stop in a shadow of rocks.

It is a nice place to be. Looking farther on the south we will see the beginning of the cliff area.

What I appreciated here is the possibility of good snorkeling because it is a coral area with shallow water. Just be careful about sea urchins. Well, if you are interested in just snorkeling, Tambisaan Beach is the best place in Boracay.

It was interesting to go farther south to most secluded available places of this coast.

Finally, we could get to a rocky coast when I found a dead snake. Later we were informed that you can see venomous snakes there, so it was my last time to be there.

At Asya Hotel, if you are a good observant, you can notice a tokay gecko on a rock.

We stayed on the beach at Asya Hotel till sunset and then come back home.