Mt.Luho, Bulabog & Tulubhan Beach

Mt.Luho, Bulabog & Tulubhan Beach

Mount Luho Viewpoint

This is the highest point of Boracay (100 meters above sea level) which lets you have a view on the whole island.

The simplest way to get to Mt. Luho is to start with taking a tricycle. However, it was more interesting to get there all way on foot passing through Bulabog Beach.

The island central area is narrow so it is easy to get from White Beach to Bulabog.

View of Bulabog Beach from Mount Luho Road

Then we were moving north along that beach and then taking the steep road uphill.

Mount Luho Road led us to Mt. Luho View Deck (now permanently closed).

After paying the entrance fee 100PHP per person, we could enjoy great panoramic views.

Unfortunately, my girlfriend was afraid to pass all the walkway. She finished on the view deck. Second view deck needed extra payment so I resigned being satisfied what I had seen already.

My goal was to see all the available coast of Boracay, so seeing the whole island from this viewpoint was especially valuable. Especially seducing was the eastern coast of Boracay facing north – Ilig-Iligan Beach. We could go there later during our stay here.

It was a good view of Bulabog Beach and Carabao Island too. Even a part of Tablas Island was visible quite well from here. We also could see Crystal Cove Island with its neighbor islands.

After our main destination had been won, we went on foot quite a long way to the main road. We could see a large area of Fairways and Bluewater Resort with a golf course on the way.

Bulabog Beach

While primary tourist beach facing westward is White Beach, the second important for tourists beach – Bulabog facing eastward, just opposite. Although so easily available from Station 1 and Station 2, it is much less popular.

Bulabog Beach - we can see that it is windy, flags, a kite surfer

It is the Philippines’ top kite surfing place and this is what we could see well arriving there. The atmosphere of Bulabog Beach is completely different than of White Beach: strong wind, narrow sandy coast, and of course kite surfers on the water.

For us, it was just a place to explore the coast of Boracay farther, this time moving south.

Cape next to Bulabog Beach and Carabao Island afar off

In this way, Carabao Island started being more prominent afar off.

The small island at the shore of this beach is worth to be mentioned – a counterpart of Willy’s Rock of White Beach I would say.

Small Island at Bulabog Beach and Carabao Island visible on horizon

The small island at the shore of this beach is worth to be mentioned – a counterpart of Willy’s Rock of White Beach I would say.

After reaching the end of this sandy coast, we moved to the road, passing a bridge and exploring the coastal area farther.

Our next destination was small Tulubhan Beach.

Tulubhan Beach

Comparing to other Boracay places, Tulubhan B. was not interesting to stay. But as a whole area around, it was valuable for me to explore this part of Boracay where few tourists were getting.

After looking around for a while, we must have moved on to Tambisaan Beach to reach our final destination before sunset.