Tambisaan Beach

Tambisaan Beach

Tambisaan Beach is farther from Station 1 but it is a place really worth to visit.

How to get to Tambisaan Beach?

map showing how to get to Tambisaan Beach from the main road
A map showing how to get to Tambisaan Beach from the main road
  • Firstly we took a motor- or electric-tricycle to get close to Tambisaan. We got off on Main Road. You can see the signage “Tambisaan Port” there.
  • Then we went to the beach on foot. There is a little more than 1 km from Main Road to the beach going Road 8 and then Boracay Tambisaan Jetty Port Rd.
    Another option here is to take a motorcycle taxi or an expensive tricycle ride.


We paid 25 PHP or 15 PHP for one person to cover a distance between Station One and Road 8.


Tambisaan Beach is the best place for snorkeling in Boracay (from a beach). Underwater you will see corals and many interesting fish (e.g.clown fish). It is possible to see even sea snakes if you spend enough time watching marine life.

You can see Tambisaan Beach’s reviews – the word snorkeling is repeated many times there pointing this value of that place.

Between palm trees, Crocodile Island is visible here on Tambisaan Beach

If you consider exploring more great snorkeling places, think about waters surrounding Crocodile Island – you can see well that island from the beach as on the picture aside.

Crocodile Island is available by boat.

Islands nearby

Map of Tambisaan Beach and nearby islands

I really liked the atmosphere of this place. You could see there starting from the left

  • farther Crocodile Island then
  • small island close to the pier and
  • on the right larger Crystal Cove Island (also known as Laurel Island) and
  • smaller Magic Island Boracay.
Crocodile Island visible from Tambisaan Beach (resemble a little a crocodile)
Crocodile Island (it resembles a little a crocodile)

On White Beach, we found out about an offer of island hopping tours available for 1100 PHP – 1500 PHP for visiting Crystal Cove Island, Crocodile Island, Puka Beach (Puka Beach is available just by a tricycle) and more as one trip.

Tambisaan Port

Tambisaan Jetty Port is the place you can start your trip to Crocodile Island, Crystal Cove Island and other nearby places.
It is an alternative port to Cagban which can be used during stormy weather.

The pier here is a nice part of this scenery. You will see local children playing close to it on the beach.

We explore the coast of Boracay more going south and then west to Cagban Jetty Port and farther. However, it was just Tambisaan as a public beach worth visiting many times.

Tambisaan Beach - 360 ° view
Tambisaan Beach - 360 ° view

the best place for snorkeling