RoRo to Boracay

RoRo to Boracay

RoRo Manila to Boracay

The default way of getting to Boracay is by airplane (you can choose between Kalibo International Airport and Caticlan airport as a destination).

We had a limited budget, so RoRo was the only affordable transportation for us.

Western Nautical Highway (a part of RoRo System) took us to Caticlan.

Its jetty port serves as a gateway to Boracay.

RoRo Fare

Dimple Star Bus RORO Fare was 950 PHP,
so we paid 4 x 950 PHP (for 2 people and with return).


  • the departure from Cubao at 9 am and arrival at Caticlan at 4 am, so it was 19 hours.
  • Then we planned to take the first boat from Caticlan to Cagban Port in Boracay at 5:30 am.

My girlfriend really didn’t like Dimple – the bus was very slow and stopped very often at the beginning of our journey. We have a small crash and I worried about getting on the ferry on time. There was no air-conditioning for this price. The bus was really full of passengers and baggage.

Luckily, finally, everything was OK.

Here it is our itinerary:

  • The bus from Cubao Bus Terminal to the large port of Batangas City – we moved very slowly.
  • The ferry from the Batangas Seaport to the Calapan City Seaport (in Mindoro Island).
  • The bus again to go along Mindoro till reaching the Port of Roxas.
  • The big ferry from Port of Roxas to the Caticlan Jetty Port. They offered bunk beds on the ferry. It was very cold and the water dropped on my bed from the top.
  • Well, we arrived at Caticlan Port as we planned and could wait for the first boat to Cagban Jetty Port (the main entry point of Boracay Island).
    I paid 2 persons x 200 PHP for that (and 2 person x 125 PHP when we returned).
  • After arriving at Cagban, we could take a tricycle to our accommodation in Station 1.

Preparing for RoRo to Caticlan

  • We have our own food for the whole trip so we meaningfully reduced our costs
  • During our night journey by the RoRo ferry from Roxas to Caticlan, it was really cold considering the Filipino climate. Don’t forget to take warm clothes just for this situation.

Be careful with cheapest RoRo

It is worth mention what I found out later from my girlfriend about Dimple Star. There was a Dimple bus crash in Mindoro that left at least 19 people dead in March 2018. You can check short news “LTFRB suspends 10 Dimple Star buses after Occidental Mindoro crash” on RAPPLER to know more about it.

This is a good lesson what it can mean to choose the cheapest option.

RoRo from Caticlan to Manila

During our return to Metro Manila, in Caticlan, we changed a RoRo company to Ceres.

RoRo Fare

The RoRo fare was 2 persons x 1250 PHP,
but my girlfriend decided that Ceres is better for us to come back.


Our Ceres bus was scheduled to depart from Caticlan at 3 pm to reach Cubao at 4 am.

The company offered air-conditioned buses which were much newer than Dimple ones.

It was a great experience to watch from the ferry much of the coastal area of Boracay. Starting from the southern coast with Cagban then observing White Beach, leaving Panay Island behind. Especially I had a look at Station 1 – the place we had stayed for almost 2 weeks. A landmark there for me is a distinctive hill. Then slowly we could see better beaches of northern Boracay – our Diniwid Beach and private beach – Balinghai Beach, Punta Bunga Beach, and Banyugan Beach ( the latter 2 belonging to Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort & Spa ). The last beach of Boracay to bid farewell was Puka Shell Beach.

Till sunset, we could enjoy the companionship of islands:

  • Boracay,
  • then larger Carabao Island (farther from us)
  • and finally much larger Tablas Island (which was far from us).

Pictures of Boracay from RoRo