Puka Beach

Puka Beach

Puka Shell Beach is also known as Yapak Beach.

Puka Beach visible well from RoRo ship
Puka Beach is visible from RoRo ferry coming back to Metro Manila.
More pictures from this vessel you will find on the page about RoRo to Boracay.

How to get there?

map showing how to get to Puka Shell Beach from Station 1

You will get off at Puka Shell Beach just going a little farther by the main road than to Ilig-Iligan Beach .

Simply, you will follow Main Road north by a tricycle till the end.

Tricycle fare

We paid 25 PHP or 20 PHP for one person for one ride.
Again, I recall that it was possible because I traveled with my Filipina girlfriend.

By boat

It is worth mention that Puka Beach is on the itinerary of island hopping tours organized in Boracay.

On Puka Beach

This is a large beach worth-visiting too.

Here, on the north coast of Boracay, you have a good view of Carabao Island – a companion island of Boracay I would say.

I could admire a steep hillside with interesting trees going along the beach.


Entrance to the cave at Puka Beach

There was a cave to see available from the beach (20 PHP per person for entry).

The attraction on the western end of this place was a rock which seemed to block going farther… but luckily we could go more and stay in a nice hidden place on the sand.

Giant bats

Fruit bats zoomed in over trees at Puka Beach

This secluded place was pointed for us by one local for watching giant fruit bats. Another occasion as we found out for watching those bats is just to wait for dusk when they start to soar. A pity they were so far from us. There are the world heaviest bats among flying foxes of Boracay.


Puka Beach after sunset

The last attraction on Puka Beach is, of course, the sunset there. We returned passing this long beach in the darkness.