Ilig Iligan Beach

Ilig Iligan Beach

Ilig-Iligan Beach we could see firstly from Mt Luho when facing north, looking at the eastern coast of Boracay.

Closer to us there we could view Lapuz-Lapuz Beach which is, unfortunately, a private area (accessible if you are inside Fairways and Bluewater Golf and Hotel ). The next beach, at the north-eastern end of Boracay Island, is the public beach of Ilig-Iligan.

How to go to Ilig Iligan beach?

map showing how to go to Ilig-Iligan Beach from the main road
  • We could take a tricycle going north by the main road and get off the place, where Boracay Batcave Beach Rd forks on the right side.
  • We went that road (which has more than 1 km) to get to Ilig-Iligan Beach.
    An alternative way to reach the beach is taking a motorcycle taxi (they call it Habal-Habal).

Tricycle fare

We paid 25 PHP or 20 PHP (an electric-tricycle) for one person from Station One to Boracay Batcave Beach Rd.
You must remember however that I was moving with Filipina girlfriend.

On Ilig-Iligan Beach

This place is really beautiful and with barely any tourist infrastructure. The beach was almost empty.

Facing south we could see Lapuz-Lapuz Beach and the highland of Mount Luho.

We could pick shells and go north along the beach until getting to highland closing the cove together with 2 small islands on this end.

You can read more about Ilig-Iligan Beach (with some information about snorkeling there and nearby caves).

Sea of Ilig-Iligan Beach visible through trees-end of road

While taking a road back home, it was nice to turn back to see as if trees formed the “tunnel” with seawater in the middle.