Cheap accommodation in Boracay

Cheap Accommodation

“Hotel” in Station 1

To have a holiday on a budget in this famous island, you can buy a RoRo transportation from Metro Manila to Caticlan and find a cheap place to stay.

We have chosen an offer of Dormitels Hotel (formerly Lakbayan Boracay) because we need cheap accommodation which satisfied our basic needs.

Athena in our small room in Boracay
My girlfriend in our small room. Behind the wall, there is a bathroom with a shower.

We planned to stay in Boracay from 22nd March to 4th April and we made use of a promo of having 1 night free for every 5 nights paid.

So for 13 nights of our stay, we paid

8250 PHP = ( 5 nights + 5 nights + 1 night ) x 750 PHP/night .

We must have paid by cash because for using a credit card there was a charge of 3%.

We have a bathroom with a shower and TV, so although the space for us was small, there was nothing to complain about there. Even Wi-Fi I could use at the reception area.